Dr. Bernar D’Isidor is a psychologist and overall expert of the mind…

Being the sole practitioner in his field, he is undoubtably recognized as the City’s leading expert in brain activities and it’s (mal)functions.

Dr. D’Isidor has obtained almost any degree obtainable amongst the psychological degrees, obtainable in the City, ranging from adult- to child psychology, excelled in a complementing life-coaching course…and has, over time, specialized in the neutralization of brain-farts and the mapping of patients strings-of-thoughts.

Dr. Bernar D’Isidor is quite know and applauded for his, as he describes them, scribbles of the self“- collection, beter known in the common tongue as ‘noodle-doodles’ by which patients pre-occupations are charted with almost lifelike portraits made during sessions and by doing so, getting to the core of the troubled mind…this showing that Dr. D’Isidor is also an avid art-enthousiast…

Together, we might learn a thing or two about The City’s population

and its mental state…

City of Dismania
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