I accidentally stumbled upon the CITY OF DISMANIA, also known as “The City Of the Depressed” (in the province South Of Elysium) over a decade ago. Since then, I visit every so often. Each time I do, I try to navigate the place by penning and drawing my way through…and sharing my findings with you (scroll down…)

I’ve been appointed as main spokesperson for this place and its LOCALS ; So, If you are ever in need of illumination, or want to get in touch with any of em, feel free to CONTACT me!

Meanwhile, I run a small tattoo/shop/gallery, called: THE HOUSE OF DIS and that is where you’ll find me most days. There, I also display and sell some City-curiosities -that I bring back from my “travels”-

Now without further ado; I hope you enjoy exploring the place…and maybe even meet some interesting “people” along the way.


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