the city of the depressed apex lux aster van vaerenbergh


Hey D,

I finally went to this „farewell-party”. Remember? After I had gained information about Apex Lux?

We arrived on site and were joined by five others, including Karen -the bighearted woman who was so kind to let me attend her „party”- so forming a tiny group of seven people. A Woolly One stood by to receive us.

Once we all assembled at the base of our party’s assigned bubble, I was in auwh of this majestic ethereal construction! It looked so fragile and I was puzzled by how this narrow pedicel could support such a bombastic bubble…

The Woolly One gave Karen a suit. A suit similar to his. She put it on.

The woolly one connected the suit at the back with a cable connected to the bubble. While he was doing that, Karen turned to us. Cheered enthusiasm, hugs were exchanged, some sweet things were voiced…

Then she turned to the Woolly One again. He lent over and whispered in her ear (I assumed it to be some more ‘woolly wisdom’) just before closing the suit’s vizor.

The cable tightened and up up up she went…

After what felt like half an hour, the woolly dot -with Karen in it- reached its destination…and that was the last time we laid eyes on the person that was Karen.

While we walked away, as I looked up, I could still see Karen’s tiny footprints in the sky.

(sketch: Karen in her woolly suit)