The woolly one the city of hte depressed aster nora dhu


Hey D,

First let me excuse my absence of late, …

I told you about those striking “bubbles” a while ago… Remember? Well, I decided to lett my guardedness go and went on my way to inspect them up close.

Before I even reached one of the structures, I was approached by something that looked like a sheep on its hind legs. Once it got closer I saw that this bubbly character was in fact a humanoid wearing what looked like a knitted sweater/jumper/suit. I saw that the garment ran al the way over its head like a hoody. At the place of its face -a mask. ( I made you a little sketch to illustrate its peculiar outfit)

I consider myself being a “polite person” so, in an attempt to masquerade my startled disposition, I yelled ‘Hello!’ once it stud before me. I even threw a waving gesture into the mix. I almost even sheepishly tried to hug it… ‘Hmmdggffflspfffff’, it muttered back.

I quickly realized that a normal conversation would not take place that day…

Completely ignoring my klutzy socializing attempt, this “woolly one” delicately, but purposefully, gestured me to retrace my steps. I was not allowed to penetrate the area. That I understood. I did not push the matter and returned to The City…

My curiosity regarding these “off-limit” bubbles reached an all time high…it is time to still it. I think it is time for A CHAT