Hey D,

Where to go, where to go….

Instead of galavanting around the building where I am currently residing, I thought to myself ; why not see where The City presumably ends. Like the great sailors long lost -to go to the edge…

Once you reach the place where the buildings of The City lose their grandeur, you -luckily- don’t find a great abyss. Instead, you are greeted by a large plane of oversized „bubbles”…

I was amazed by their scale. The fact one can’t spot them whilst in The City is weird…them being this big!

Some figures gather around them, as you can see in the drawing…no clue to what they are doing.

Some individuals go up there, as you can spot in the sketch…no clue to what that is for. To what end?

Seen I have not made any reliable ‚aquantences’ at the City so far -and I’m keeping myself in the role of the observer- I don’t dare go any closer…just yet.

This place, these „bubbles”…they exude a ‚sacred’ vibe. I don’t feel inclined to intrude that space…just yet.

I’ll return with a friend