the city of Dismania - patronum doll


Hey D,

The first time I laid my eyes upon a ‘Patronum Doll’ was at the home of Elly and Daemon. And not so long ago, I have spotted an even larger one hanging from some building as well…but that one creeped me out a bit…(check pic below)

Elly informed me that each shape that is put into circulation carries a particular meaning and each specific form is ultimately infused with some power, at some point…(I should maybe inquire a bit about this practice…)

I am not someone who blindly relies on the transcendent or placing confidence in superstition…non the less…I am intrigued by these “dolls”. I’ve been trying to persuade “the doll maker” (which Daemon introduced me to a while ago) to please also craft and infuse some for me, now and then…and I asked if I might move them away from the City, to guard my House (and maybe your home) as well…for one never knows…right?

Better safe than sorry, no?




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