the city of the depressed the house of dis aster


Hey D,

I met this quaint young woman named Asher (see drawing below) – whom, to me, came across as a high-spirited, bold lady- at Elly and Daemon’s Periodic Dinner-party (I’ll tell you about this later…)

I always wondered where the manholes scattered around Dismania lead to… so when I overheard the conversation that was taking place across the table, I tuned in…

Apparently, she has been looking for her brother. He went missing…

After her thorough check of every nook and cranny within familiar territory, she now presumes that he perhaps wandered off -or even fell- into one of these manholes; and that he is now meandering the streets below our feet…underground

„My brother is vulnerable” she said. “Even if he himself denies it. Aiden has an anxious character. The complete opposite of mine. He is inquisitive, yes, but very conscientious… paralyzingly careful…He is afraid of the world outside of home. I do not believe he left home planned or even willingly. He does not have the heart for it…I need to find him…He is lost…I lost him…and what is lost needs to be retrieved…”

„Please let me know if I can help in any way…” I offered

She glanced at me… „I will keep you up on that” and slowly blew some smoke, out of the corner of her lips, into the already dense air…”cause I think I might have found a way, to find my way, within the abyss that is Metus Magis…”

To be continued…I guess



the city of the depressed the house of dis