Elly and Daemon


As a child, DAEMON DIS fell into a manhole opposite the building where he still lives today and went missing for a couple of weeks…(it must have left quite an impression, but he remains mum about the matter)

He is quiet and introverted. Elly thinks he might be suffering from chronic depression and/or anxiety, but Daemon is convinced its just his melancholic nature…

ELLY ARGO harbors a deep curiosity for things recorded and written within Dismania and beyond the borders of the City she has been born and raised in.  She herself is also quite a storyteller…

When asked if she likes to travel -seen she knows so much about a lot- she replied honestly; ‘I like the comfort of my own home and its recognizable surroundings. Reading and learning about the world is a trip on its own…for me, sufficient.’

In her spare time, Elly enjoys crafting amulets and lucky charms. She also loves to gather all kinds of echoing relics and city-artifacts

Elly Argo and Daemon Dis; an odd but interesting couple. They have some shared passions and love to converse over many a subject, ranging from Philosophy to Mythology and Theology…

For the moment, they are working on the ‘poetic novel’:

-South of Elysium; the City’s legends, myths and other Notorious inhabitants-

the city of Dismania - patronum doll
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