city of dismania noradhu aster kleddemevel

First, let me tell you…here are powers at play. The City breathes em, by night and by day.

You can’t see em or hear em, but when you look away they creep up inside you and lead you astray.

Now, one of these players, yes, you know him well, is a night time creeper called “kleddemevel”.

‘kleddeme…who’ ? You ask…I’ll tell:

Whenever you wander, when it is dark and you feel like being shadowed in a street or at a park,

you turn around, suspicious, but there is no one to be seen. You come back at ease…’it must have been a dream’.

You continue your walk, still a little unsound; so every few steps you play merry-go-round…

After a while, you’ll feel silly and dumb, you’ll stop being anxious….now…thats when he’ll come!

When you least expect it and your soul is at rest, he’ll claim what he’s here for. To do what he does best!

He’ll climb on your back, once your back is turned. You won’t even have time to feel concerned.

‘He comes as the night, fills you with fright. He pierces your heart, with his bullet-dart. And when he is done…game over, son.’

But… If you do see him before he sees you, don’t let him enter your mind!

Cause a piece of his power, could creep into you and rule you from the inside.

Some call him sorrow, some call him fear, the devil, terror or quite despair,

discomposure, trembling fright, or straightforwardly: ‘I don’t dare’…

So a word of caution is at it’s place, to all artistically undefined, be careful whom or what you wish to welcome into your mind!

for… Many, many a moon ago, in a moment of Donna’s despair, he slumbered into Donna’s head and he’s still residing there.

No one can hear him in Donna-disguise and no one can see him, peeking through her eyes.

city of dismania noradhu aster kleddemevel
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