the city of the depressed

On the 7th floor of a tall dark building, you’ll find a silent woman sitting on a chair

looking out of the window peering into the square.

There’ s a noise in the backroom, besides the clock ticking,

of her little man calling without using his voice.

She twinges a nerve as she tunes out the noise.

So, back to the window through which she is staring.

She sees the wind blowing. There is movement in the air…

she remains frozen just waiting there…

…for someone to open the window… .

..for the wind to blow through her hair…

but she, still static, cause the one who was willing, back in the beginning,

vanished in thin air.

On the 7th floor of that tall dark building a motionless woman,

all feelings repressed. In a deafening ponder sits Donna,

the depressed.


the city of the depressed