the city of the depressed


These are Emumoi. The antlered one represent a male Emumoa. The female Emumoa is completely the same in appearance but lacks antlers. A crossing of both can be spotted as well.

If you are thinking of setting out to find an Emumoa, a word of caution. Detecting one by accident is hard!  You won’t find these Emumoi just strutting about. They are extremely shy. Why? Because they are on the verge of extinction. And théy know it.

The Emumoa has a strong and resilient build, and they can live up to 300 years of age. Since long, there is a huge demand for goop from the belly of the Emumoa. It is believed that this potent water has healing properties.

The Emumoa used to roam the streets of The City, a long long time ago. You might still spot one at the borders of Apex Lux though. If you get lucky.