the city of the depressed


This long limbless reptile doesn’t have a venomous bite. In fact, it doesn’t have a bite at all. It has no teeth cause its mouth is to narrow. But that doesn’t mean it is not capable of doing any harm.

The Dafix Anguis lives solely on fluids like water, blood, … and gets these into its system by using the tip of its tail as a straw.

It is rare for this snake to leach off a warm blooded being, but it happens on occasion. Still, it prefers a form that offers less resistance, a form that lacks the power of self defense or strengt to shake it off; this Serpent fancies herbs, plants and flowers.

A lot of flowers, here at the City, live off their little bulblike container, much like the self-feeding narcissus. She is therefor an easy prey. As the straw-like tail of the Dafix Anguis penetrates the bulb, it slowly sucks the plant dry. Leaving the flower in paralyzed anguish. Preventing it to bloom.