Lutero Raven works as a natural philosopher at The City Of Dismania.

He is experienced in the veterinary-, botanical- and ornithological field and harbors a particular interest in the Provinces entomology…

This nature lover has been residing in the City for over a decade, exploring and collecting its diverse


His endeavors are known to be quite interpretive which has, in some circles, led to discussions regarding the accuracy of Mr. Ravens findings,

but due to a lack of colleages within his field of interest at the City, his efforts are the closest insight we’ve got in regards to our elaborate plant- and animal life…so we thank him for it!

Mr. Raven has currently also been appointed curator of the NAHYMU, the City’s Museum of Natural History

the city of Dismania noradhu aster


city of Dismania noradhu aster

The Kin Kin

The Kin Kin (Supra Keré Avis) is a flightlesss bird, endemic to the province of South of Elysium.
the city of the depressed

The Emumoa

  These are Emumoi. The antlered one represent a male Emumoa. The female Emumoa is completely the same
the city of the depressed

flying fleet

  Some winged bugs in the proximity of Apex Lux. Don’t they look heavenly…

Dafix Anguis

  This long limbless reptile doesn’t have a venomous bite. In fact, it doesn’t have a bite at
the city of the depressed

Skulled Lotus

  The Skulled-lotus can be found growing in the shallow and murky pools at the borders of Apex
the city of the depressed


  There is a breed of goldfish in the world, which originated in China, called an Oranda. This
the city of the depressed

Nonanhydros Narcissus

  ‘This flower, family of the Daffodil, is very self conscious and self preservative. Her stem ends in
the city of the depressed

Lepidoptera Nox

  This large butterfly has a wingspan of  20 to 25 cm. It is the largest species found

Deathcry Beetle

This beetle was first encountered by an unknown woman, only a few years ago. She…
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